Cubase Artist 7 error messages and crashing..

Hello, I’ve had Cubase Artist 7 for years, but after I moved a couple of years ago and bought a new computer (windows 8.1), I haven’t been using it for various reasons… So yesterday I finally decided to try it again, re-installed it, and everything seemed to work fine, until I tried to open it, then two error messages appeared, first this one (I had already put the USB-eLicenser in an USB port) :
“Soft eLicenser doesn’t have enough permissions to run properly. Please run LCC to fix this problem”
I don’t know what LCC means or where to find it, so i just clicked OK and the program seemed to open fine anyway. But then the online registration message popped up, and I tried to do that, but then another error message came up: "
A problem ocurred which prevented the information from being transmitted. Please make sure that your computer has access to the internet an try the online registration later, or contact your software vendor’s support team in case the error persists. Error code: ‘1003’ "
My computer was connected to the internet, so that was not the problem. Well, ok, I skipped this error message too, and tried several times to record a few guitar tracks, and it seemed to work fine for the first to begin with, but every time I tried the recorded material just disappeared after a few bars (the shortest 7 bars, the longest 21 bars…) That is, when recording, the recording bar ( I dont’ know the correct term for this, hope you know what I mean…) went on along with the recording, and the red recording button also continued to light red until I hit the top button, but the sound wave graphic inside the recording bar stopped after between 7-21 bars. And when stopping the recording and going back to the beginning to listen to the recording (I had to press the buttons several times to do this, by the way…), the recording bar stopped where the sound stopped, apparently just randomly somewhere early in the recording… I hope I didn’t explain all this too awkwardly, english is not my native language, and since I haven’t used Cubase for a long time either, I’m a bit rusty on the technical terms etc., too…
Can anyone help me solve this…? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
Btw; I’m using a Steinberg UR22 as audio interface, plugging my guitar preamp/processor directly into the two inputs on the front.

Hi and welcome,

Right-click to the eLCC application and Run it as Administrator. Now, trigger Maintenance. Then close eLCC. Now your Cubase should run.