Cubase Artist 7 error on empty project

Hi guys.

So i´ve been getting error messages when opening empty projects in cubase artist 7 these past couple of weeks on windows 8.
I decided it was time for a format and fresh install of Windows. I went back to windows 7 and installed all the windows updates and re-installed cubase 7. I´m still getting error messages on empty projects. Any idea what is causing this???

I have done a memtest86 with zero errors so no memory hardware failure.

I´ll attach a screenshot in this post.
Screenshot 2014-09-16 13.07.03.png

How can i open cubase dmp files??? What software do i need?

I would first recommend updating to the last version of Artist 7.0.7 from

Do you still get the error then? If so, what other versions of Cubase have you had on the system?

I have tried with the latest patch aswell as the previous. Same error both times. And like i posted earlier. This is a fresh windows install.Only default cubase plugins so far.
I have tried to disable different hardware to see if it helps but no luck.
It started a few weeks back and i was certain that a fresh windows install would solve the problem but i guess not :confused:

I’ve had this a couple of times of late with Cubase 7.5.30. If I click cancel on the error message Cubase carries on working as if nothing had happened. Odd!


have you already tried disabling the Steinberg-Hub? You can do so in “Preferences -> General”. Do you still get crashes with the hub disabled?


Hello Luis Dongo,

Does this fix also work with the “Cubase 7 has Stopped Working” error message I’ve been intermittently getting just recently on loading a project? Are the two error types linked to the same problem? Because the Stopped Working error is more serious as it closes Cubase and I have to reset my whole system to regain audio.


Edit: the answer to my own question is no. I implemented the fix but still got the “Cubase 7 has Stopped Working” error message on loading a project. There must be a reason for this as this has only started happening in the last 2 -3 weeks.


Ok i tried disabling the Steinberg-Hub so far so good! I have opened a new project five times without errors.
Gona do some reboots and try a few of my old projects. I´ll let you guys know how this turns out.
Thank you for the tip! :smiley: