Cubase Artist 7 + Newer Cubase AI, does it work?

This might be an unusual problem, but is it possible to “upgrade” to Cubase Artist 7 even if I’m currently using Cubase AI 9? I got a good deal from a local retailer for the whole package of Artist 7, but in the package it says “upgrade from Cubase AI 4/5/6”, so would it work? Thx

I would expect it would work…but wouldn’t like to say I’m 100% sure!
Note that if it did work, when you activate, it would automatically be upgraded to a 9.5 license as well so could be even more of a bargain.

Also worth noting the upgrade sale is on right now so the AI9 to Artist 9.5 update is 40% discounted.
Probably still significantly more than your deal though.

Thanks for the answer! Yup, it went exactly like you thought it would: I installed it and got a free update to 9.5 artist. Furthermore, in addition to the actual upgrade, it upgraded my AI 9 to LE AI Elements 9. Neat!