Cubase Artist 7 on the Latest MacOsX

Hi All,

I am Cubas Artis 7 user, I went through almost all conversations in this forum and trying to find info outside the forum as well to seek knowledge regarding the risk of upgrading my macosX to Sierra which, as now I’m still using mountain lion.

I know cubase 7 is not compatible with macosX above mountain lion, but there’s information that bugs me:

"The tool is only required for new installations of the programs listed below on Yosemite, El Capitan or Sierra. If you already have installed the software on a previous Mac OS X version and you’ve updated to Yosemite, El Capitan or Sierra afterwards, you don’t need the Steinberg Application Installer Tool."

is that means I can upgrade my os to sierra and my cubase 7 will still working?

Well I still could not afford to buy a newest/newer cubase version to match the macosX compatibility, but other software is updating freely to the latest macosX which I can’t do the updates as I’m still using Mountain Lion and need the my cubase artist 7 to work, and the notification to update my other software is starts to bugging me, and one of the software threatened me if I’m not updating the software, it my experiencing troubles.

Is there a way around the problem, so I could update my MacOSX without affecting Cubase Artist 7 performance?

Thank You


The special installer application allows for the Cubase Artist 7 program to be installed on the latest Mac OS version however please pay close attention to the fact that the only purpose of this tool is to allow the installation on those operating systems. It does not make the program officially compatible with them. Please be aware that running incompatible Steinberg software on Yosemite, El Capitan or Sierra may cause issues. Technical support cannot be granted. Using the Steinberg Application Installer Tool is entirely at your own risk, Steinberg cannot be held responsible for any consequences that arise from this.

My recommendation would be to look into purchasing a discounted upgrade from Cubase Artist 7 to Cubase Artist 9 which is supported on the latest Mac OS version. I’m sorry but there is not a way to update your Mac OS without affecting Cubase Artist 7’s performance.

I hope this information helps.