Cubase Artist 7 upgrade won't activate

I have a USB-eLicenser

My Cubase Pro 8 and Cubase Elements 6 licenses are on it for use on my PC.

Cubase Elements 6 is installed and runs fine on my laptop.

I now want to upgrade to Cubase Artist 7 from Cubase Elements 6 on my laptop.

I plug the USB-eLicenser into my laptop and run eLicenser
Control Center

I enter the Access Code from the card whcih came with my Cubase Artist 7 into the eLicenser Control Center
running on my laptop.

It runs and shows Cubase Artist 7 and I hit the “Continue” button.

I get to the screen saying “Select the License to Upgrade”

I highlight my USB-eLicenser on the left and “Cubase Elements 6” on the
right, and then click “Upgrade License” and it runs saying “Upgrading

Then I get an error message “Activation Code used already. Contact
Software Vendor to get valid activation code.”

Please tell me what to do. I don’t even recall ever having installed
Cubase Artist 7 before, particularly given that I only have one
USB-eLicenser and it would have shown up there.

What do I do ???

Thanks, Bob

Just asking… Why do you want to upgrade to CB Artist 7 when you can use your CB Pro 8 on the laptop with your USB dongle plugged into it? Just install the CB Pro 8 software onto the laptop and you should be all set when the dongle is connected to it.

Regards :sunglasses:

I just assumed performance on my laptop with full Cubase 8 would be less than if running Cubase Artist. Not true ?

And I still want to know why I am having problem activating Cubase Artist. And I have the Artist installed but Cubase 8 requires a download

It should be the same. Performance issues are typically related to the amount and type of tracks and the amount of VSTs you have running. Of course with Pro you may be tempted to run a few more of all those things but… you’ll quickly figure out if your laptop is having issues. If it does, you will have to reduce whatever is causing the issues.

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If you are sure you purchased the correct upgrade product then take a look here for some troubleshooting ideas.

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