Cubase Artist 8.0.35 vst bridge error - 32 bit plug-in

Hi. I am having multiple “can’t load module” errors with this version when I open a project with 32-bit plug-in. Why is that? Doesn’t 8.0.35 vst bridge support 32-bit plug-ins anymore? There was a notice to revert to an older version of cubase. Isn’t there any other way? Please help! Thanks.

I use a program called jbridge to bridge 32bit plugs into cubase 64. It is very reliable and will also work when Steinberg abandons 32bit plugins completely. And it is more robust/stable then the build in Steinberg bridge.

Cubase bridge can be a bit iffy but in general it still supports 32bit plugs.

It would help if you gave some more info such as:

Is it all 32bit plugs or just some not working?
Are you sure it is 32bit plugs failing to load?
Name some of the plugs?

Thanks. I will try their demo version first.

Thanks for the interest and info. Now that you mentioned it, I just realized that the plugins that don’t work are actually 32bit vst intruments, not 32 bit plug-ins in general.
The plug-ins concerned are Synapse’s free vst-i Dune CM and Odosynth’s Bstation 2. Those are the only 32 bit vsti’s that I have.

There is Dune cm 64 bit available for some time.

Or you could install the 32bit version of Cubase to use these VSTi’s then render them to audio and continue in the 64bit version of Cubase.