Cubase Artist 8.0.40 not installing?

I have Cubase Artist 8.0.35 installed and have downloaded the new update, but somehow it doesn’t want to install.

I have the 64 bit verson installed but during the update process both the 64 bit version and 32 bit version has no other options than ‘no changes’ - Steinberg Cubase 8 64 bit is not installed.
I only thing I can install is the Upload manager.

Does anyone else have the same issue?



Is your Cubase installed on the C drive?

Yes. Not in ‘program files’ though. Surely that’s not a necessary?

This could be the issue.

You might try the advise for MS installation repair here. (Unless you’re on Win10)

**Oops! Wrong post in wrong forum! ** Maybe moderator can remove, sorry! Hmm…interesting, was installed last night but splash screen in daw still shows last release. Will roll back and try it again!

That hasn’t been a problem with previous updates.

And yes Grim, I am on Win 10.

Have you installed previous Cubase updates since upgrading to W10??
I’m guessing your regstry location references have become corrupted somehow. An o/s upgrade might have done this or it could be something else.
You could try a repair on the install (from windows programs and features) or if that fails I think you will just have to uninstall/reinstall the full Cubase 8 and updates.
It’s obviously your call but if it was me I’d stick to installing programs inside of the Program Files folder.

Try to run the installer as admin, win 10 is really finicky with permissions.

I tried installin as admin. Still only get the ‘no changes’ option.

Tell me, does Pro and Artist have the same update file? It appears so. I wonder if it looks for Cubase Pro on my hard drive which of course doesn’t exist.

I have actually re-installed Windows 10 and Cubase very recently. But I don’t fancy uninstalling Cubase, just to reinstall as it’s a right PITA having to reauthorize every plugin, and reinstall quite a few of them as well.

But yes, there might well be something wrong in the registry editor.

Just had a look…Cubase doesn’t actually show under ‘programs and features’. :confused:

You don’t have to re-authorise or re-install any plugins because you re-install Cubase.

You leave the vstplugins folders where they are and point the reinstalled Cubase at them.

I get this every update and it’s permissions. Run As Administrator is not enough (don’t ask me why) so what I have to do is change my user account type to Administrator, run the update and then change it back to Standard.

You probably, like me, originally installed to a normal account and have been caught out by the changes made to the installer a while back, which force you to use an Administrator account to install. (Something like that anyway…)