Cubase Artist 8.5.0 - Serious audio glitches occurring

I’ve noticed serious distortion happening to audio files in my project, first in Cubase Artist 6.5 - so I decided to upgrade - and now still have the problem (and am 150 Euros poorer) in Cubase Artist 8.5.0. I’ll be working on a project fine and then on playback there’ll be a horrible loud distorted mess on one track. The waveform looks fine in the project until you zoom in, then it changes to something like the picture below (from the sample editor in Artist 6.5)

So far, I’ve removed the offending file from the project and the pool, reinserted the file in its original state, and the problem is gone. Until it happens again. I haven’t been able to determine a pattern behind when it happens yet. This is really annoying and time consuming when I have to redo all the edits I’ve already made on a track when it gets corrupted, not to mention painful on the ears when monitoring at a reasonable volume. Has anyone else experienced this behaviour?

I’m running the 64bit version of Cubase Artist on Windows 10.

This is driving me crazy. Last night, I exported an audio mixdown of my project and it sounded fine. Today when I opened the project it suddenly has horrible glitches on the snare track. I opened a backup file from last night, from before I did the mixdown, and the snare track is screwed there as well?!? It’s almost as if Cubase decides to redraw the waveform in the project - the raw audio files are fine. I’m kind of scared to do any work on my projects right now, which isn’t great when you’re supposed to be mixing an album :cry: