Cubase Artist 8.5 Blue Screen

I have been using Cubase 8.5 for a few months and have had lots of problems with audio drop outs and crashing. I figured it was probably a driver problem and switched from the generic low latency asio to the ASIO4ALL driver, since changing to this driver I have been able to use all the input channels in my audio interface (which for some reason i couldn’t before) and the audio doesn’t drop out or crash. However my computer keeps blue screening, does anyone know why this could be happening?

Besides the bsod, the asio4all driver has been lots better. I also can’t use my sound cards driver as it doesn’t work with my M-audio 8track.

Try increasing the latency in ASIO4ALL and see if that makes the BSODs less frequent.

Doesn’t the M-Audio have it’s own asio driver??..this is the one you should be using.