Cubase Artist 8.5 download

It says it’s available shortly. How soon is shortly!! I am interested. I don’t have Artist 8 so can’t do the 8.5 update.
Anyone have an idea when it will come out for full installation download? Thanks

It’s available already for a long time. :open_mouth:
Just check the options in the e-shop.
First checkbox is the full Version.

Regards Shanahan

It must have just came online because when I checked the day I sent the post it said “available shortly”. Now it jumps me right to the place I want to be… payment time. Thanks for letting me know it’s up or I would have chose other options.

Looks like I jumped the gun on this. It says not available in Canada. Well shoot! To be polite.
I see there is a distributor in Ontario so not sure why I can’t order the product.