Cubase Artist 8.5 FX Send.

I’ve messed up in the sense, I never intended to use sends (strange I know). I just wanted to make things simple but I really have got back into recording big time and even though I’m using Amp Sims with built in effects and my eyes have well and truly been opened by a few other programs. The inserts can be saved and loaded up in different tracks and projects but, can the same be done with the FX? I always make a start project and I have set everything up on that but sadly I have already started 30 other projects and whilst the Inserts are a easy fix (re-amping is a godsend) I’m struggling to figure out how to save and load up my FX so basicly I can load my other project up, load the fx with a simple click and either have them loaded in the send how they are or use the drop down in the Sends to choose them. Any help or advice would be brilliant. Thanks.