Cubase Artist 8.5 not available for download on mysteinberg

According to the info on, after registering my dongle and activating Cubase Artist 8.5, I should be able to download the installation files from the download section. Even though I took all the necessary steps, no download for Cubase Artist 8.5 is available to me on Mysteinberg page. How can I obtain the download link?

BTW Cubase Artist 8.5 is shown on “my products” list in mysteinberg.


Do you have any link in your MySteinberg > Download page? Cubase Artist and Cubase Pro shares the same installer.

Thank you for replying. No link whatsoever. Neither to Cubase Artist, nor to Pro.

Can I install Cubase Artist 8.5 using Cubase Pro 8.5 trial installer?


I think, this should works.

It did work. Thanks!

I just want to report that this problem still remains unsolved. I found a link to the installer download, so it’s not a problem for me anymore, but it is a needlessly confusing hassle.

I never would have given Steinberg a chance, had I not learned that my favorite producers use Cubase. Steinberg’s website and aggressive DRM measures made a very poor first impression on me.