Cubase Artist 8.5- sync tempo to existing audio click

Hi Everyone, apologies for this Newb question but after spending 4 hours reading and searching and trying things I’m admitting defeat!

I’ve just upgraded from about 2 years of using LE and finally dealing with Project Tempo as I want to quantise some real drums (7 tracks). They’ve been recorded on a Zoom R16 and imported.

My problem is this: I have an audio click the drums played to which starts after approx 30 seconds from starting to record, (and I know the correct tempo of the click). The 30 second delay before starting seems to mean the click is throwing out the bar count so Cubase is putting the downbeat on beat 2 of the audio click. I don’t want to delete this empty audio as later tracks are still to be recorded on the Zoom and in the past I’ve just found it easier to align all tracks this way.

It should be a simple thing, but how do I start Cubase bar 1 beat 1 when the Audio click count starts? I won’t list all the things I’ve tried! As a related question, if you change the tempo in the Tempo track how can you reset the downbeat for the new section (yes, I did try this hoping to force a bar count reset!).

Many thanks in advance


  1. In the Project Setup (menu Project > Project Setup, or Shift+S Key Command), you can set the Bar Offset.

  2. Be aware that the “known” tempo from one device isn’t equal exactly to the tempo on another device. Even if you type exactly the same tempo, the click could be slightly different. This is because of differences of every single computer/device internal clock.

Thanks Martin, I’ll give that a go, appreciate your help!