Cubase Artist 8 & 8.5 crash on launch

I just installed Cubase Artist 8(.35.565), and 8.5(.15.126), and when I launch them they go through the startup process, and then crash. Cubase Artist 7.5 on the same machine launches and runs just fine.

For a little background, my computer had been in storage for a year. So I just got it back, installed 8.0, and then was notified I was eligible for the 8.5 upgrade. So all three versions are currently on my hard drive.

This is an early 2009 24" iMac, with 8GB RAM, running OS X 10.11.4 “El Capitan.” I’m currently using the built-in audio for playback since my M-Audio FireWire Solo no longer works with OS X. I record via a Roland VM-3100Pro digital mixer connected via optical S/PDIF. That’s not connected to the Mac yet.

I haven’t done any trouble shooting yet, but my first step will be removing all my third party VSTs. I’m sure there’s a few old ones in there.

Anyone having similar problems?

Had a bad plugin. I removed it and all is well.

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