Cubase Artist 8 and trial versions?

I must admit that I’m a bit confused. I just bought Cubase Artist 8 and realized I probably didn’t get a thing with the “included” stuff. Before I bought it, I was looking at the infoz on Steinberg website and saw GA4, Halion5/Sonic 2, PadShop an Grand Piano3 SE were included with Artist 8…but now, I realized it’s a trial version with I supposed a limited period…why isn’t it indicated on the website…or I misread something. :confused:

Took it from there:

Section “Instruments and FX”.

Anybody knows about it? :confused:

Hi and welcome,

HALion 5 is a dedicated product, and it’s nit part of Cubase at all, same as HALion Sonic, or Groove Agent 4. In Cubase, there is HALion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE, as it is mentioned in every description. Padshop is part of Cubase Pro/Artist, but not Padshop Pro.

The whole plug-in list is available from the product page, here.

Hi Martin,

thanks for your answer. I got it now…I was confused with GA4 and GA SE, etc…thanks for your help!