Cubase Artist 8 Download

Upgraded to Cubase Artist 9 but need to download Artist 8/8.5 32bit
Only upgraded to use sidechaining but the project i have is still using 32bit plugs so need Artist 8/8.5 (32bit)
Been waiting a week for Steinberg support and had no response… my only other alternative is to use jbridge (never used it) and i’m literally at final mixing stage of 14 tracks.

Is there any other way of getting this down other than steinberg support?

Once you’re done with this project I would recommend buying Jbridge and moving on to Cubase 9. It’s definitely not worth it to stick with 8.5 for 32 bit support. Ideally you want to use 64 bit alternatives to your plugins for maximum performance and stability, but Jbridge should be able to handle pretty much everything you have. Whatever doesn’t work should be fully replaceable.

thanks for the link but thats Cubase Pro 8.5 will my Artist license work with it?

Totally moving to a full 64 bit system when i’ve finished this album i’ve been working on it since 2014 :confused:

Yes, Cubase Artist and Pro use the same files, the version that’s loaded depends on what license you have on your eLicenser. This allows Artist users to instantly benefit from any bug fixes or improvements done to Cubase Pro.

Awesome thanks for your help!