Cubase Artist 8 | Link-Groupe Mixconsole

Hi there,

i have a Problem: i can link channels and move one fader, so the others are moving too. But after i close my project and reload it, the other linked faders wan’t move anymore. The Channels are still linked as shown at the mixconsol (LINK1 for example) but only the channel i am moving works. The others dont move with it.

Do you know any solution?


Is it also the Volume parameter selected in the Link Group, after re-open the project?

Is there a way to see what i have linked? I just linked all channels by selecting / rightclick and link it. In the Manual i only can read about linkgroups is for the pro Version.

Yes, there is a way. Move your mouse over one of the Linked fader, to the “link” name. A little arrow appears in the right-corner. Click on it, and select Edit Link Group Settings from the menu. Link Group Settings window appears, and here, you can see, which parameters are linked, in this Group.

Or (easier way). In the upper Toolbar menu, you can see Link, and the name of the Link Group. Select the name of the Link Group, and click to e button next to the name of the Link Group. The Link Group Settings window also appears.

ok, but there is no “Edit link Group Settings”. Please take a look at the picture ( i use the german version of cubase). There is no such “edit”-option.

Kanäle nicht getrennt


“Channels not disconnected” (or sth like that in english version)

Could you check the 2nd option I described, please? But I’m afraid, there is a restriction of the Cubase Artist version. There should be more menu entries.

Dont know which upper Toolbar your are meaning?!?, but there is no LINK and e (edit) anywhere. I think you are right and Cubase Artist does not support LINK-Function after closing a project. Maybe you can only use it for the moment and the description of the channels are still there to let you see what you have linked once.

That’s a lil bit sh*t! Thanks you for your help

By “Tool bar”, I mean the upper bar with tools and buttons, etc. I will check it tomorrow with Cubase Artist (I cannot check it now).


I just tested it in Cubase Artist, and I can confirm, there is a limitation in an Artist version. Sorry…