Cubase Artist 8 - problem with soundcard or the busses

Hi there,

I use a Roland Quad-Capture (external sound card) to record voice and guitar through a mic.
I can see that the software is receiving sound from the mic, because the meter in the software peaks.
However, when I press the button Record (Record Enable & Monitor activated in the canal), no sound is recorded.
I feel quite hopeless, can someone help?

Second issue: when using previous software of Cubase I could see the level of the sound graphically displayed in the canal. Now it’s just a flat line. How can I change the view to graphical display?

Hope to hear from you,

kind regards, Juliette
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all of your 3 tracks are Muted. Can you deactivate the Mute, please? And enable Momitoring on the track, which you want to listen (the Input signal).

Are you sure, the Input is selected correctly?

Dear Martin Jirsak,

Thank you very much for you reply, much appriciated. Sorry for the confusion on the screengrab in my first post.
The problem is different then the Mute-issue, I will explain with new screengrabs.

I have an external sound card (Roland Quad-Cature).
I’m not sure if it is System Link compatible? So I ran the self-test (see screengrab 1). Is it System Link compatible or not, what does it tell you?

Further on, when I use the Input 1L at the Roland, I do get sound into Cubase, perfect!
However, when I use Input 2R, I hardly get any sound in Cubase (see screengrab 2).
This could be due to Roland ot to Cubase, I’m not sure. The Input 2R doens’t work well
with low impedence, I have an SP mic. Is there a problem? Or is there a problem with the busses not selected properly? (screengrab 3)

I can select the following busses:

To what do these numbers refer? (Please see the entrances and outputs of the Roland)
Is 1-2 referring to Input 1L?
But to what is 1-2(2) referring?? Output 1L?
If os, is 3-4 referring to Input 2R?
If not, is it referring to the now unused MIDI or coaxial inputs at the back of the Roland?
And to what is MAIN referring?

Please not that I saked two music stores and 4 people who are familiair with recording, they couldn’t give me an answer.


Uncheck the VST System Link.

You don’t need this unless you are trying to connect and sync 2 computers. Busses assigned in VST System Link are reserved for streaming between connected computers only.

Maybe that’s causing your problems.


The level on the 2nd Input is too low. Make sure, the microphone amplifier is applied, and the gain is setup properly on the 2nd Input. If the microphone needs a phantom power, make sure, +48V is enable for the 2nd Input.