Cubase Artist 9.5.30 No audio

Hi, I downloaded and installed Cubase Artist 9.5.30 today.
Please forgive the novice questions: I used SX (3) many years ago and I am just returning to Cubase for 9.5 and am climbing the re-learning curve.

Earlier today I set up my audio ASIO, ESI WaMi rack 192x and I was able to hear input and playback/output of test audio tracks in a new project.
I saved my project and all my audio settings and I restarted my PC; now, a few hours later, I am not able to hear the audio as before and my settings are the same as before.

My recorded audio test tracks are:

  • 1 mono guitar track
  • 2 stereo sample drums track: a ReCycle loop
  • All tracks’ output routing set to: Stereo Out

My VST Audio settings are:
ASIO 2.0 - WaMi Rack 192 (updated 9/21/2018)
Release ASIO Driver in Background: NOT checked

Audio Connections / Inputs:

  • Mono In: 1 WaMi192 1/2:L

Audio Connections / Outputs:

  • Left: 1 Wami192 1/2:L
  • Right: 4 Wami192 3/4:R

No audio out signal is registered on the output channel; it was earlier today when I was able to hear my output.

I connected a mic to WaMi input 1 today and have not changed any hardware settings:

  • I can hear a faint sound in my left headphone, nothing in the right.
  • I changed the Audio connection input to WaMi192 1/2:R but the low signal remains on the left headphone.

Finally, I switched the ASIO driver to the PC’s other audio driver, Xonar HVAD 1.3 ASIO (64): I could hear playback as normal in my connected PC speakers.

I switched it back to my main audio driver: ASIO 2.0 - WaMi Rack 192, but still no playback and no audio input signal showing or audible as before.

No physical/hardware connections were moved or changed since I first tested the system earlier today.
No new software was added since I installed Cubase 9.5.30 today and did my initial tests.

What am I missing here?

Please advise what to check next.