Cubase Artist 9.5 and Apollo Twin MkII

Any official or tested support/compatibility for the two objects in the Subject???

I already have and use Cubase 9/9.5 with an Avid Fast Track C600 but I bought a new Apollo Twin MkII (on the way home!) and it seems there is some problems wit the two…

Any suggestio?


Hi and welcome,

What kind of problems?

well … I didn’t received my new PC and the Apollo interface, so I didn’t tested it… I have read here and there that there are some problem of communication between Daw and Apollo Control software on Cubase 9.5 while there are no problem with version 8.5… I just want to know if this is true, if there are workaround or solution… I just bought version 9.5 so…
Also… some tip and trick about connection, use, etc. are welcome!!!


I use the Cubase Artist version

I’m on OS X (do you mean Windows?) and they both work perfectly.

I have a Twin MK II, an Apollo 8 Quad and an Apollo 16 MK II and they all work flawlessly with Cubase Pro 9.5.

Yes… I’m on Windows 10 (Home versione)