Cubase Artist 9.5 Crashes any time

I’m at wits end trying to figure out how to solve this crashing issue. I have some jobs that need to be finished but I can’t get anything done in the cubase artist 9.5 program that I upgraded to from Cubase Elements 9. I am able to work in the elements 9 program without problems but not in the artist 9.5. I have installed the 9.5.41 update without solving the problem. I Have Not been able to establish the Safe Start Mode by using ctrl/alt/shift. I have Not been able to re-create the crashes so have no idea what triggers them. Just generally having the Artist 9.5 up and running will cause it to crash out of the program and back to Windows 10. I have to start Cubase up from start only to have it crash at some random time. Please help if you can! I will try to post the dmp. files here. I notice that there are no dmp. files for the .41 update.
Thank you in advance.
Cubase Artist 64bit 2018.10.30 19.55.dmp (637 KB)

I managed to do a Safe Mode start on Cubase and deleted the preference settings and so will try to do some work on the project to see if it stabilizes the program. I’ll get back to this thread with an update asap. Thanks.

Looks like I am still having the problem. Has been crashing when in the mix consul here this day. I’ll wait to see if I get a response to my problem before I pull the rest of my hair out! Haha!

Still hoping someone will respond here with a potential fix to my problem. Please note that I have installed the .41 update with no success. I opened the dmp files for Artist 9.5. There were 4 on the same day with no others generated after multiple crashes and after the .41 update. I don’t know what the files mean but a common message in them is…‘The parameter is incorrect…Locals (0x80070057)’ Don’t know if that helps.


Could you attach a dmp from .41, please?

It does not give any more dmp files so I don’t have any for the new update. Don’t know of a way to have the program generate one. If I would delete the old ones would it record new ones after a crash? Thanks for your response.

Ok, I deleted a few 9.5 artist dmp files but still no generated dmp files from Cubase Artist 9.5. I had started a new project to see if that would make a difference and no luck with that. Today I opened cubase and was just listening to the project and freeze/crash. Went out and back in and the same thing. Still no dmp file generated so can’t send you one. I have the 9.5.41 update installed and working because when I start Cubase there is a note on the startup box that says Cubase Artist 9.5.41 built Oct 24th, 2018. Ayeeeeeeee Carumba!!

I’m back with the same old problem. I had to do a project cd for a customer on Cubase 9 elements because I have not been able to resolve the crashing issue with cubase 9.5 artist. I am now back trying to resolve the cubase 9.5 crash issue. It still just crashes even when just listening to the mix. No warning and not always in the same place. No new crash dmp. files so I imagine it is the same problem. What ever it is!! There is a error code on the dmp file that says "The parameter is incorrect (0x80070057) so I googled it and tried the fix to scan the C drive and found no errors. Note: I have just downloaded and installed the 9.5.5 update so that should be all good and that didn’t fix the problem. Not sure where to go from here. Any help is appreciated.


Unfortunaltey there is no crash dump file created, as you mentioned. So we don’t know neither. I would probably recommend to make a new clean Windows installation.

Ok, I will try that. Thanks for the input,