Cubase Artist 9.5 Sampler crashes. Help please

Hiya guys, I’m wondering if someone can help me please.

This is becoming extremely frustrating now as it only ever seems to be Cubase which I have issues with. I constantly feel like i’m trawling through the internet until I find solutions or workarounds when this should not be the case considering the money we spend on this software!

Anyway, every time I try to drag an audio or midi part into the Sampler Control, Cubase completely crashes… I have changed the bit rate, the buffer size and the sample rate all to no avail. I have also completed a safe start and deleted all preferences, as well as starting complete new projects. I have the latest updates installed and I have completed maintenance checks on the eLicenser.

It doesn’t matter which samples I attempt to drag and drop, or where I drag them from, literally any audio or midi part being dragged into the Sampler Control will cause Cubase to crash… ‘A serious error has occurred’

My usual settings are:
Sample rate 44100
Buffer Size 256
64 Bit float
24 Bit Depth

VST Audio System = Focusrite USB ASIO

Does anybody know of a fix for this?

Thanks in advance
Cubase Artist 64bit 2020.6.6 14.57.dmp (672 KB)
Cubase Artist 64bit 2020.6.6 16.57.dmp (1.78 MB)
Cubase Artist 64bit 2020.6.6 17.10.dmp (766 KB)