Cubase Artist 9 doesn't work

Hey there, I own cubase artist 9 since one year and it worked perfectly! But now, I have no idea why, by starting cubase 9, there is coming a window saying that the program doesn’t work properly and that it will be closed. I tryed many things to make the program rule, but nothing helped. I wrote to the steinberg support several times, nothing happend…and today I tryed to download a trial-version of cubase 9, the same window appeared, the program doesn’t work! - Has anybody an idea what could help in this case?
Thanks, blabla65

Schon mal den elicenser aktualisiert? Eventuell auch einmal den Roamingordner neu aufbauen lassen.

Ever updated the elicenser? You may also want to rebuild the roaming folder once.

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We know absolutely nothing anything about your system. Please list your system specifications.