Cubase Artist and VST3 Support

Some time ago I bought Cubase artist 7.0 based on the compare sheet provided on the steinberg support side. The sheet clearly indicates VST3 support. But when I want to run the Virus TI VST3 plugin the option is greyed out or not displaying.

I contacted Access and they indicated it was probably a DAW limitation as it was working fine on their Cubase 7. I activated a cubase 7 trial to validate this statement and for sure the plugin is working as it should.

The whole frustrating part is that I raised a support question last week and not a single reply was given. while Access support gave me an answer in less than 4 hours…

I could as easily downloaded an illegal copy of cubase to play with but instead I chose to support the product and in return receive product support when the need arose.

I’m really starting to regret that I ever bought this product and any future purchases/ upgrades are diminishing by the minute…

Is it greyed out or not displaying?
If you can make it greyed out or not displaying, what makes it one or the other?

Have you contacted Steinberg Support?

  • Under VST Instruments its not displaying
  • The plugin show up under Plugin information
  • The VST greyed out when trying to select it with “Add Instrument Track”

Above all works fine when starting Cubase 7 Full Trial without any changes to the configuration.
I have contacted Steinberg Support last week, no response was given.
I have not contacted a Moderator for further assistance.


Is Cubase Artist 7 running as 32 or 64 bits?
And is your plug-in 32 or 64, have you tried running both in 32 bits?

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I’m running a 32 bit version and the plugins are 32 bit as well.

I doubt it’s a plugin/configuration related issue. As I stated before, when I activate the cubase 7 full trial all the functionality is working. I have a strong feeling it’s an undocumented limitation in Cubase Artist.

I have raised several tickets and never got a reply. I really feel cheated as this does not work as advertised, unfortunately I couldn’t test this functionality sooner or I would have asked for a refund and take my changes with another DAW.

A lot of developers have been having huge problems with making VST3 work properly. uhe has recently advised users to go with the VST2.4 until further notice. Which is ironic as Steinberg is soon to withdraw support for 2.4.


Do you have any other VST3 that you could try in Cubase Artist 7?

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Access support pointed out that the VST3 is working as an External Instrument, this clarifies why it’s not possible to use it in Cubase Artist 7. Mystery solved