Cubase Artist audio dropout isssues

Tried to help a buddy with Cubase Artist and your typical latency issues audio dropout crackles.
The PC is way over power to have any form of crackle issues like this.
Checking in the Task Manager and the computer barely moved in the breeze.
The Cubase project we tried with is one instance of HSSE with not even half of the slots loaded with instruments-
There was one instance of Groove Agent with no sounds and of course not used.
No inserts or send fx.
There was also one stereo Audio Track of acoustic drums.
3 or at max 4 MIDI Tracks were playing simultaneously.
Nothing more.

Like … you can’t make it much smaller than that, right.
Still crackles ?!!?
Soundcard Steinberg CI 2+.
Checked the date for downloadable drivers and it was from 2010.
Reinstalled with no change.

His buffer size was set to 128 yielding an mildly annoying amount of crackle, but it’s no doubt painful after a few hours.
Setting the buffer size to 256 and up makes the dropouts disappear.
96 was unbearable.
Changing this value make the problem also change, which in a way is a good thing.
I think were poking around in the problem without nailing it down?

Estimating the age of the computer to about 3 or 4 years and it has worked without this problem until this last fall.
It SHOULD work … but it doesn’t.

I forgot to ask but my guess is that not much is installed on that computer beside Cubase Artist.
It’s maybe used for some regular surfing besides a little music creation.

Anybody seen anything like this worth mentioning? :confused:


In any case, I would test the system via LatencyMon.

hmm! Didn’t know about that one! Will try! Thanx! :sunglasses: