Cubase Artist: Key Switching / EX Map work around

So not having used Cubase (or any DAW for that matter) for a very long time, I didn’t even know what expression maps were when I decided in favor of Artist instead of Pro. Kind of disappointed it isn’t available in Artist but that was my fault for not being informed. Anyway, having started my first project in Artist with some orchestral material in it, I’ve been able to successfully use key switching in miroslav philharmonik 2 in single (midi) tracks to change articulations.

However, there are some very good string patches in “studio strings” I’d like to use (I have Absolute 3 with H6 and HSonic3, etc.). But there doesn’t seem to be any “unused” keys in the “studio strings” patches I’ve been auditioning so I’m assuming key switching is absent in favor of expression maps which aren’t available in Artist.

Other than purchasing an upgrade to Pro (to acquire the expression mapping function), or creating separate tracks for the various articulations I’d like to use, is there any other work-around?

Thank you.

Hi Tony :smiley:
No expert here you understand,but;
I am unfamiliar with the library you mention,to give you some proper advice,but I was wondering :bulb:
Is your library within the Kontakt player?
If so check that the Kontakt keyboard is visible and use the plus and minus button, (this will increase or decrease) the octave range of Kontakts keyboard, and to check for hidden keyswitches
As I understand it that the Kontakt virtual keyboard represents a full 88 key Keyboard .
Has your library got a manual you can refer to? usually most libraries have a manual with some sort of mappings in there,to show you the key switch range.
I have been using Cubase Pro,since June this year,and for a while,I have been drawing in my notes to trigger keyswitches such as articulations,change of vowels etc.Until I learn all about expression maps.
Hope this helps a bit,maybe another forum member with more experience,will chip in to your post :slight_smile:

I should have been more explicit.

“Studio Strings” is a “module” (library) inside of HALion Sonic so it is a Steinberg creature. From what I can gather there is an Expression Map available for DL from Steinberg but Cubase Artist doesn’t include the Expression Map function. The preset I want to use in Studio Strings uses the entire range of the keyboard so there are no keys available for key switching (or so it would seem).

Thus my dilemma.

I’ve been doing what you’re doing with my Miroslav PH2 library but it’s not an option with Studio Strings because the entire keyboard range is used for sound generation.

Hi Tony :slight_smile:
Ahh I see.I think it would be an idea,to shoot support a message about this,for advice maybe.Or is there a manual for Halion Sonic?
As I haven’t used Halion Sonic at all.See what they have got to say
Or to write up another post,quoting your Studio Strings,as I am sure there are other members who have used Halion Sonic
As you mentioned Tony,Cubase Artist does not have expression maps.But I’m getting the impression that the Studio Strings library,articulations are “baked” into the notes,and can’t be changed.But I could be wrong.