Cubase Artist problem


Please help

I have just loaded up my Cubase 6 Artist but when I open VST’s there is no sign of the amp simulator, Grove Agent is there as is Halion but no guitar amps?? Any ideas, I certainly saw it load when the program was loading up but bo sign of it now??



Well, Groove agent and HAlion are VSTinstruments, whereas the amp simulator is a VST FX…

Thanks for that… I have now found it. Next problem is having put it into my track, I can’t hear anthing, its apparently ‘on’ but no diff in what I am hearing through my cans which is just normal clean guitar?


Additonal to the above, can someone please offer some technical advive. I’m using a Steinberg C12+ audio device. I have my headphones pluged in but only hearing a signal in one side when playing either guitar or piano through them? When I press the mono button I hear equally in both sides so what am I doing wrong??



1.Check the manual on “direct monitoring”
2.Record mono signals to mono tracks, and / or check the settings of the C 12+

Did you load the Amp Sim as an Insert?