Cubase Artist resell question

Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out how I can see Cubase Artist and USB-eLicenser but keep my Padshop Pro License. Can I remove Padshop Pro from my dongle and just send the dongle to the buyer with Cubase Artist 8 license on it? (I only have Padshop Pro and Cubase Artist 8 on the eLicenser)

My understanding is that I can use Padshop Pro on my computer with just a software licenser as long as I’m online?

thanks for any help sorting this out!

Greg K.

It’s my understanding that once your license is on a usb elicenser your only option is to transfer to another usb elicenser.
You can’t go from usb to software license. (Though you can go the other way)

You presumably bought the upgrade to Pro anyhow… which is not the same thing as owning the full license, so I doubt this will work on any system not already having a Cubase Artist or Pro license available.


The only one way is to copy the license to another USB-eLicenser. You cannot remove the license from the USB-eLicenser.

You can use Padshop Pro Soft-eLicenser, if you didn’t move it to the USB-eLicenser. Move from USB- to Soft-eLicenser is not possible.

The only one way is to > copy > the license to another USB-eLicenser.

You can not copy a license from one USB eLicenser to another one, you can only transfer it, as Grim had correctly pointed out already.
So if your eLCC shows an extra license for Padshop Pro, transfer it to a 2nd USB eLicenser, and sell the one with the Artist 7 license on it. If it is a software eLicense, you can happily sell the USB eLicenser, and run Padshop with the softeLicense.

Thanks! Yeh, I have the Padshop Pro license on the hardware dongle already.

Wow, I’,m surprised how inflexible this seems. crazy making. Appreciate the info!

So can I sell both licenses and just send the prospective buyer the dongle with license info on it?

Thanks for the info, but it´s not fully clear for me.
If one user wants to sell his Cubase license to another user, is there a way to avoid sending the physical USB elicenser?
(I allready own several elicenser USB keys and I don´t need more)