Cubase Artist to Cubase 6 Full - SHould I???

The reason I’m asking this is because I have £250 burning a hole in my pocket and it cost a little less than that to upgrade from Artist to Full.

I was about to press the ‘Buy it now’ button but then I got thinking,… what exactly am I going to gain. I don’t really care for the VST’s that come with Cubase so that would never be a selling point for me. Reverence looks ok but reverbs aren’t that hard to come by these days for pretty much no cost at all.

One of the things that would be really nice would be the ability to right click on a selection of audio and process effects there and then on the right click menu. Currently I need to use automation for this because Artist won’t let you do it.

I try but can’t sing for toffy. I can blast a tune out but its a little wavy when trying to hold notes. Would Vari-audi do anything for me here?

I know there’s are loads more features in the full version but, to be honest, I just scraping the surface with Cubase at the moment and have a lot of learning to do so I don’t really know what it’s going to do for me.

Could anyone give me some good reasons to upgrade from Artist to Cubase?

It’s either this or a set of KRK RP5 Rokits from ebay. I’m currently running through a half decent Sony hi-fi and I’m getting good results now that I’m used to it so I’m not sure if I’ll benefit more from new monitors or Cubase 6.

Please help.



Hello GaryM,

You could try the Trial version of Cubase 6 to check it out. More information can be found here



And apart from as Chris suggests, I would say right now you’ll probably benefit more from a monitor upgrade. Are you finding that Artist has finally started cramping your style/hindering progress…? Have you checked out the product ‘Feature Comparison table’ in the KnowledgeBase somewhere, too…?

I’ve just got the 30 day trial on 6 and I’m running it along side Artist. I’m trying not to do too much in it in case I like it to much but one of the features that does it for me, as mentioned before, is the fact that you can just select any piece of audio and instantly apply (and preview) effects on that piece. It’s more an inspirational thing for me. If it’s an easy task I’ll try lots of different things until I find what I’m looking for. If it’s a bit of a chore then I will settle for something just to move on.

If I had to put a price on it then this feature alone would be worth £50 if I could buy just that as an addon. I just need to find another £150 worth of features to make it happen. I would like new monitors but I wouldn’t feel like I have something extra if you know what I mean. It may be the right thing to do and I might go that way but my passion for a materialistic outcome is telling me that they’re just speakers and I already have speakers so I’m going to be disappointed.

I wish I had £400 then this wouldn’t be a problem but I don’t. Oohhh… I don’t know what to do…