Cubase Artist

Bought a UR22MKII. Would like to upgrade from AI to Artist.

  1. Is there a way to install the Artist upgrade without installing over AI?

  2. Purchasing Absolute 3. Will there be any conflicts with the included VST instruments in Artist (or AI)? Is there a way to not install the VST instruments that come with Artist (or AI) so the Absolute 3 install is “clean”?



  1. Yes. Just upgrade the license at the computer your Cubase AI is licensed. Then install Cubase Artist to any computer. The license is stored on the USB-ELICENSER, so you can just plug it in and start Cubase.

  2. No conflict. Yes, you can install Cubase only, without the content. But then you will miss Cubase exclusive content. No worry, overall Cubase Full Installer.