Cubase as Rewire Master (help?)

Hi folks,

Having had Cubase for around 18 x months now i have been looking into some options regarding VST expansion. At the moment i use HALion Sonic and all the regular FX which come boxed with Artist 6. They are fine but as i have digged a liitle deeper and so forth i am aware of other avenues.

How does everyone rate Cubase’s FX racks ?? Some people say that they are quite inferior compared to other similar VST FX out there on the market. And a few people have even gone so far as to say that they do not use any of the Cucase FX and that they purchased rival 3rd party products (which are so much better).

My same question goes for HALion Sonic. These sounds have been totally fine for me making my many demo tracks over the past year or so, but again i keep hearing that most Cubase users perfer 3rd party products.

After much research (and i know i am behind everyone else here due to me being a newbie), i have been looking into REWIRE. Rather than me go out and purchase lots of individual 3rd party VSTi or FX etc, i see that a lot of peole use Cubase alongside REASON. Apparently, the instrument samples and FX are so much better in Reason (than in Cubase) and that they work well together thru Rewire.

So, would you say (if this was the avenue i was going to go down) that it would be worth buying Reason for £250.00p and that it will give me all these extras that i need ?? Also, Reason apparently has a brilliant AUDIO TRANSPOSE (up to 1 x Octave non-destructive !!) which is something i am in much need of.

Anyway, lots of questions here guys so look forward to any advice…

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Reason might be a good choice for you ,you should check to see if there’s a demo. I left off with Reason 4 as they stubbornly failed to include audio and ,to me, Reason fell way behind. I never thought the fx in Reason were better than Cubase as of v 4 ,but I don’t know what v7 has. Rewiring these together used to work well and still should.

Reason used to have a “sound” to me that wasn’t that good ,missing high end and “oomph”. Thor was a great synth but the rest looked like a rack frm a 1985 studio that belonged in a garage sale, not in new software. Anyway it’s all subjective and trying it is the only way to find out.

Ta Mr M,

i watched a ton of videos on You Tube but i am not sure which version of Reason was being use in the demo’s as some of them were posted 3/4 years ago. If the sounds were not too great in v.7 then as you say they may be better in v.7 ? i am sure v.7 is not out just yet as its still on v.6.5.


V7 is out according to the emails they’re sending me. See if there’s a demo ,that’s the only way to judge. Personally I wouldn’t upgrade from v4 to v7 unless it was $30 or less :I’m sure that’s not in the offing