Cubase as Slave

According to the manual Cubase can be slave to external device, but I couldn’t make it work! If someone did it please share how!

FWIW, I used to have a set-up involving Cubase (Atari days…1990-ish) a Fostex R8 and MTC1 unit and Cubase and the MTC1 enabled sync between tape and Cubase via MTC.

The last time I used the MTC1 with Cubase was I think with Cubase 6 (so 2011?) when I transferred all my old material from the tape deck onto Hard disks. I have to assume the sync function was still working then. I do remember it being a pain to set up again.

So, unless they’ve dropped the function, it should be possible…what is the source of your MTC?

-Set the timecode input in Sync settings,
-Set the appropriate timecode range ( if necessary) in Project setup
-Set transport to external sync.