Cubase as timecode slave

Hello guys,

Anybody out there uses Cubase as timecode slave?
I’ve got many questions:

  1. Why do you use Cubase as a timecode slave? What is the practical application?
  2. What external equipment do you connect to Cubase?
  3. What settings do you use in Project Synchronization Setup?
  4. How do I setup Cubase as a Linear Time Code Slave? Do I have to get an LCT reader PCI card like this one?
  5. What devices are compatible with the “ASIO Audio Device” listed in Project Sync Setup (Sources page)?

Please be as thorough as you like. Cubase’s manual does not go into any practical details about this.

Thank you!

  1. You set the correct MTC source.

  2. Cubase can only „read“ MIDI Timecode. So if you want to slave to LTC, you need an LTC to MTC converter.