Cubase ASIO audio issues


I recently got the native instruments audio 2 interface, it’s been working fine with other DAWs where I’m able to open the DAW and also run audio in the background in different programs. However Cubase still seems to take exclusive control over the driver for this interface.

I’ve noticed the “Release driver when application is in background” option but this does not really solve the issue. With this I can play audio when I switched away but as soon as I switch back it stops ofcourse.

Is the way Cubase handles audio different from other DAWs such as ableton?

edit: After closing cubase I also always have to manually reset the interface, either by disconnect or disable/enabling it in windows.

Okay so I’ve found the reason + a solution for this.

What was happening was that Cubase it’s project was setup to be a different sample rate/bit depth than windows. Setting both to the same sample rate and bit depth fixes this issue and allows me to play other audio while having cubase open.

Hi There,
I’m struggling with an audio issue (and also with how to navigate this forum!) so apols if this is the wrong place to post.

I’m not getting any audio playback from an audio (vocals) track.

My setup is:
PC connected via USB 2 to a Yamaha MG10xu with a mic in to that. I’ve got headphones plugged in to the Yamaha’s stereo/phones jack.

I think I’ve set up all the audio / ASIO outputs and inputs correctly (have currently got the steinberg yamaha USB driver selected).

I switched the driver to the generic low latency one and this enabled me to hear the audio playback (through computer speakers, not headphones plugged in to the yamaha MG), but then didn’t let me record (wouldn’t get an input from the MG)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not super technical so simple wording would be super.