Cubase ASIO Problem; Sounds playing through wrong outputs!

Using Cubase LE AI Elements 11 DEMO

Hello. I’m quite new to Cubase and I’m using the demo of the program. The problem I would like to address is that I do not have a separate sound card or audio interface so I’m using the audio drivers in my computer. (Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver and ASIO4ALL) I also I use FL Studio so its driver too.

The problem is that sound is playing from my Laptop speakers but when I plug in headphones into the 3.5mm audio port, I can hear only my computer system sounds not sounds from Cubase, which are still playing through the speakers. I tried switching the ASIO drivers but that did not make a difference. I have done some research but nothing online helped me with my problem unfortunately.

If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Alan Thomas

this needs configuration outside Cubase…
You have to reconfigure the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver to match your needs.

@st10ss How do I reconfigure the driver?

I had a very similar issue and it took me days to figure it out. I am using the UR12 and I had to install the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO Driver; then, go to Studio Setup, click on Audio System (just above the driver name in the left column) - this should allow you to switch drivers in CUBASE AI to the Yamaha driver. Then, go back to the Studio Setup and click on the active Yamaha driver; now you will see the I/O ports (they should show the device interface you are using). Under Audio Connections you should also see the Audio Device Driver for Input and Output (Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIOJ). Make sure your Sound Settings on the computer (I’m on Windows 10) are also set to the audio device (UR12 in my case under Input and Output devices in OS Settings). That should do it. I do get failures every now and then and have to reset these, but it does work.

Best of luck,


wow although you did get it working getting failures does not sound like an ideal solution. what other options are there that are more reliable? i just bought a new AMD Ryzen 5900HX and it has Radeon and a Nvidia sound hardware in the GPU. so far everything works except playing audio files through Cubase 11 LE that came with my Zoom R24 recorder. not sure if i need to usb connect the recorder to get the DAW to cooperate but i’ll be checking that out.
let me know how to do this at any rate, maybe i’ll have better luck

In order for the computer to recognize the Yamaha driver the interface device ( AMD Ryzen 5900HX ) must be plugged into the USB port.

Best of luck!


i did this but the computer doesnt recognize the Zoom. also, i used the latest Zoom r24 driver and it installed fine.