Cubase asking for non-existing plugins???

Hi all.

On a new computer. Fresh install of:

Windows 10
Cubase 9.0.30
Komplete 8 Ultimate
East West ComposerCloud complete
Waves Diamond bundle
A bunch of freeware plugins and vsti.

When opening old projects (made on my old computer - also win 10, Cubase Pro 9.0.30 and the same plugin bundles) I encounter a weird problem:

In every project Cubase is trying to locate plugins that doesn’t exist.
Eg. I have an instance of EW/QL Play loaded on a instrument track, with a Bansuri flute preset loaded in “East West Ra”. I named the track “Bansuri” and now Cubase gives me this error message: “The plug-in “Bansuri” could not be found for Instrument Track “Bansuri”!”.

But “Bansuri” isn’t a plug-in, it’s the name of a instrument track.

I can easily fix this by inserting Play, and then load up the Bansuri preset in East West RA. Because the plugin is correctly installed.

But the bigger problem is that many of my tracks are named more generic names like “Big strings”, “huge drums”, “snare” or “electric fx”. This means that Cubase is now searching for plugins named exactly that. And I can’t remember which plugin I used for “snare” or any of the others that is and therefore I can’t just manually load them.

Has anyone else encountered this behavior? And found a solution?

I should mention that in any given project Cubase will actually find and open some of the instrument tracks correctly. I cannot see a pattern in which are opened and which are not.

Cubase sees vst2, vzt3, 64bit and 32bit as different, even if it is nearly the same plugin.

Yes! I just found out! Thanks for pointing that out.

But still: those error messages didn’t reeeeeeally help, Steinberg. :-p If Cubase had asked for the missing plug-ins I would have found them sooner.

Most likely some of your plugins were installed to a slightly different computer location. Cubase is searching for whatever location they were at in your old setup.

Regards :sunglasses: