Cubase assistant issue download

hi everyone,
so i bought cubase 11 pro to upgrade from 10.5 and of course i downloaded everything from cubase assistant yesterday…the download took long time and till here no problem at all…everything as been downloaded and ready to be installed, but then , because i left the download in night time to go ,after i turned off the pc , and then reopened the cubase assistant the bad discover has been see all the file like to download them all again…all the files downloaded are there in download folder but in cubase assistant like they need to be downloaded again…i mean there’s any way to install without cubase assistant or a way to make them appear in it like already downloaded?


Just install all from the Downloads folder manually.

Unfortunately Steinberg Download Assistant doesn’t check, if the file has been downloaded already, if you start it again. Steinberg Download Assistant just remembers the downloaded files until you quit it.

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