Cubase Atari feature re-request: MIDI as Key Commands

Cubase Atari was a masterpiece even without the fact that it was done on a puny Atari toy computer.

One of the features was that you could hold down a key on your MIDI keyboard, I assigned C#1 for that, and while holding that key down you pressed one of a set of other keys that you could assign to at least basic transport functions.
I don’t remember if it was anything else but you could arm recording, start and stop, FF and REW and a few more.
I kind of liked that way of working very focused without ever leaving the MIDI keyboard when it became second nature.
It’s 2018 so there are more functions that would be amazing to be able to control via MIDI … well, the sky is the brick wall limiter.
Now if you have some kind of foot controller that can send out a MIDI note on/off you can assign that to MIDI note C-2 or something out of the normal range of the keyboard you actually play on.

I think I’d be happy to see that in a future upgrade! :sunglasses: