Cubase Audio and Screen Recording Software

Dear Steinbergers,
I am having a problem in Cubase related to Screen Recording, which is something I have just taken up. I hope someone here can help, because I am stuck at the last hurdle! I know what the issue is, but not how to solve it…

Have a peek at the image below. To cut a long story short, when I play audio through Windows Media Player or other simple media players, or set my driver to “Windows Sound Mapper” in Sound Forge for example, the audio is received and displayed by the Windows Playback devices.

However, when I go into Cubase Device Setup to try different ASIO Driver options, no matter which I choose, either I get an error returned, or no audio plays, or if I use my MOTU PCI ASIO Driver I can hear the audio being played back, but it isn’t received or displayed by the Windows Playback devices.

And this must be the reason why none of the three Screen Recorders I am demo-ing just now can pick up and record system audio out of Cubase. Does anyone know how to get around this please? Pretty please?? Thanks!!