Cubase Audio and Windows >XP


While working with 768 Khz 24 Bit Files in windows 7, i’ve noticed that everything is processed by windows audio stack before output which result in 192Khz 24 Bit (max settings in the audio configuration Box) output, whatever is the input file.
As i’m going back in xp for using it it’s not a big issue even if i cannot listem them correctly on Seven.
For cubase i’m also using XP so…
But i’m curious, so i have asked an expert but perhpas you did something in cubase…
Do you bypass this audio stack because it’s absolutely not neutral, making impossible to make proffesional audio sound?

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What audio interface(s) are you using?

It’s a Motu HD 192.

I don’t understand how you expect to listen to 768kHz audio when your interface can only convert up to 192kHz?

It’s confidential…

First: Neither Windows 7 nor Windows XP should be connected to the internet. If you do that, you’re not just putting your system at risk, but also everyone else, because the malware that can remotely infect your systems (often without detection) will then serve as botnets that affect everyone else, too.

Second: The only time Windows will process the sound from Cubase, is if you don’t have a sound card that has proper ASIO drivers. So, for example, if you use ASIO4All, or FL ASIO, or some adapter like that, yes, you will get Windows sound processing. But if you have a proper audio interface with proper ASIO drivers, the Windows settings won’t be involved at all.

Also, I started reading before the other answer. If your audio interface only goes to 192 kHz, then it’s not “windows processing” that limits it to 192 kHz, it’s the audio interface itself.

First: you don’t know about norton, and it’s out of subject here
Secondly, thanks that’s what i thought.
There still hope in these bad OS…
I’m still surprised i thought asio4all would avoid those bad audio stacks
Thirdly don’t try to be better in domain’s that’ arent yours.
I do play 768Khz 24bit PCM Wav final dot.
I’m surprised that you didn’t try, you should, 768KHZPCM is another world…

Anyway are you sure you completly avoided the windows 7 or later audio stack because, there a hudge latency issue on 7 or later , that isn’t in XP?

Everything I said is exactly correct. The Windows audio stack doesn’t matter at all if you use proper ASIO drivers for your sound card. If you don’t want to listen to the rest, fine, that’s up to you. Good luck with your project!

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How do you explain such high latency in windows 7 or > with the motu aso driver. I assume it’s its proper asio driver!
I must use latency as low as possible to have the same latency as 1024 on XP.
And in xp i can go as fast as 256 so 4 time faster than newer os.
Making midi record very precise…

Thanks in advance,
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Maybe it is a poorly written driver? When was it last updated?

I normally have my buffer set to 64 samples when tracking. Windows 10 Pro here.

Yes, you’re right it’s well known that motu the best sound card provider deliver poorly written drivers. 64 Samples in windows >xp are equal to 1024 real samples, so what nothing special! And for sure you don’t have 128 effects working in realtime beside 16 midi tracks unless you pollute the earth more than needed with XP with a I912900 at 192Khz24bit! windows 10 consume an average power for working that you don’t even imagine! At least it is not an Os written for music!To conclude i have also my drivers set to 64samples on seven, but not with 128effects whereas in xp yes…

Yeah, that’s not how that works. A sample is a sample no matter what OS you’re running.
But good for you that you’re sticking with this antiquated gear, seems to work splendid in your case.

Why don’t you enlighten us? How does the size of a sample change depending on what operating system you are running?
And what does ASIO4All have to do with any of it?


Seriously, i haven’t time for that game i told you see asio for all and you will see how many parameters can inpact the set sample, I’ve asked the question, but didn’t get any answer. I highly suspect cubase to be in between some stacks whose seriously degrade the final latency! (for example services latency which is far superior after XP) I will get my answer from an expect, but he confirm that it’s impossible in windows 7 to works as xp, that mean that on seven cubase loose latency somewhere. I can confirm this betxeen 7.5 on xp and 7.5 or till 11 on seven. He also told me that newer os didn’t arrange the things…

Ater all it is not very important to know from your excatly what’s slowing down the things if you don’t want to answer, i got a partial answer from expert.
Plus my 768Khz experiment are still around 50% of an audio tape 20Khz sinus reproduction, and will never be implemented into a daw due to massive processing required!
I will let cubase just sequencing the things when i will get analog gear for my hardware, then make th ultimate midi hardware sequencer, and bye bye those issues, but i’m sure a lot of people would love to know about it!

Yeah, that’s not how that works. A sample is a sample no matter what OS you’re running.

Totally false, use asioforall, a you’will learn a lot of things for sure.

I don’t think we cal call something in the computer world as antiquated gear. But playing in this line, makes you and your gears antiquated ones.
Your new os is in the programming world nothing less than a simple “basic” program full of bugs and slodown process for unsusefull feature specially when trying to make music whease xp is a true C/C++ one which can be easily dedicated to music, and therefore be most powerfull, and stable than any of your newers just money makers things, that i could not name as software regarding my programming skill…
Not mentionning your usb devices, whose are fare slower than any pci express slot…
Xp works not only good for me, but for all the ones who are using it!
And i’m sure that with as you call my antiquated gears, i’m making more music, than you’re trying to launch your cubase 12 on windows 11. For what anwfull C# gui, and usb 3 heavy latenced audio device. There is nothing new in your “basic” psotware compatible with a “basic” OS and the few features you added since 4 versions are nothiless regarding the pleasure to works saftly and fastly…

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And you’re afraid of the truth, because removing the last reply would suffise…

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Bypass the cubase audio engine (direct monitoring)