Cubase: audio cut off when click an event (solved) Constrain Delay Compensation

Hi ,

When my project is playing and I click any event in the project window the audio gets a little failure, a very fast gap. Remember when we put a new plugin on a track and the audio got a little cut off? So, thats what is happening when I just click an event.

Any ideas? Thank you

System specs? Otherwise we’re just guessing…

Here is i7 8700 , 32gb ram, system/all programs on ssd m.2 1tb samsung

Do you have Constrain Delay Compensation enabled? If so, turn it off.

When it’s on, CDC causes the types of audio drop-outs you’ve described.

Thank you very much sir. That was it indeed. Constrain delay Compensation was causing the drops.

It’s funny I never noticed this before, and have this just when i upgrade to 12 :melting_face:

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