Cubase audio drivers single channel only?

In tandem with me trying to solve my “Recording Failed: ASIO driver not running” error I tried to use the default Cubase audio drivers. Howere it seems I can only select one device at a time, so it seems it’s not possible to record multiple tracks simultaneously.
Have I got that right? Seems a bit odd that a DAW would prevent me creating multi-track recordings because I can only enable one instrument at a time? If I’ve misunderstood, how can I select more than one input device in the audio config panel.

If the device supports multiple tracks it’s easy to record them…

The problem with multiple interfaces as a multi track source is the synchronization between the interfaces… they have to sync their word-clock to produce a phase coherent digital signal
otherwise you will record with clicks and pops all the time

only ASIO interfaces are able to do such things under Windows… and that’s one reason why they cost a little more than the average consumer interface