Cubase audio dropouts

I’ve got Cubase 10 Pro running with UR22C - lately when I’m playing back my recording, every 20 seconds two tracks dropout for a second. This also happens after I export the track, during playback, the audio has one or two tracks dropout for a second and then continue to play as normal. I have changed the latency settings, and optimised my computer to run a best performance. I have disabled C states and hyper-threading in the motherboard. It’s very strange and happens to only 1 or 2 tracks for a second every so often. Any help on this most unusual problem would be a major help!

I have a similar problem, albeit with my entire project. Whenever I play it back, every 10-15s I get a 1s dropout. The tracks seem to be fine, as it never happens at the same position twice. This started after moving Windows 10 to a new (larger) SSD. Strange… and very annoying.

Similar problem here for me, with UR22C interface. There are dropouts of some voices in the exports, but only in the exports, not when I play back live from Cubase.
It seems that when using real time export, it is working fine, but is is REALLY causing headache!

Hi , same here. The project is not even that huge, and my PC is well powerful. With a UR824. No idea why.