Cubase audio drops out randomly

Hi all,

Recording a project with virtual instruments and the audio keeps dropping out for no apparent reason.

MIDI keeps working but no audio.

When I restart Cubase the audio works for a few minutes then stops again.

Where do I begin to troubleshoot this? I have no idea what the issue is.

Mac or pc? What audio interface are you using? Have you tried raising the buffers for the interface. If a pc have you optimised it for audio? Are you using the steinberg power plan? Try running latencyMon (google it) and see if you have a bottleneck causing the glitches.

Windows 11.

Audio interface is a Roland Rubix.

Steinberg power plan is activated.

Ok so have you looked at the other things I mentioned? You don’t say if it’s a desktop or laptop? If it’s a desktop then disable onboard audio in bios and anything else that you don’t need enabled like wi fi and Bluetooth (I use wired Ethernet)

So after updating Cubase and a few system restarts it seems to be working fine now. Weird!