Cubase - Audio Interface Issue

Hi there,
I am a newbie with Cubase Pro 12 but not with DAWs in general. I have Mac 15" 2019 - Catalina.
I have a serious issue with my audio interface (Yamaha Steinberg UR-RT2): Cubase doesn’t see my inteface, even though my drivers are up-to-date and my computer and my other DAWs do see it.
Moreover, until last week, Cubase did see my interface but didn’t allow me to switch my output (from embedded to UR-RT2). It’s like Cubase sees alternatively only one output. Right now I’m working with embedded audio, last week I couldn’t work without my external interface. That’s a very strange thing. Is there anyone who has a similar problem and can help me?

Hi @Gabriele_Toma ,

Maybe the connections became disabled, hitting F4 and rechecking might help, if you haven’t soon be so already