Cubase Audio Mixdown Timing Problem

Hi Everyone,

I’ve come across a weird bug/issue in Cubase:

I often have to send out acapellas for other producers to work with, and I’ve noticed that whenever they send me something back, the acapella wasn’t timed correctly anymore, even though there wasn’t anything wrong with the timing before I sent it.

After it just happened again today I started to investigate and exported some simple loops and dragged them into the same project to see if there were any differences between the two (which SHOULD be exactly the same).

In the picture below you can clearly see that the waves look completely different.

But the weird thing is, the loop isn’t just timed a few milliseconds earlier as opposed to the original; there’s all kinds of timing differences. Some parts are earlier than the original, and some parts are way too late! I guess it could be a visual bug, but it a real extreme one, and since I’ve been having these issues with other producers sending be back stuff which are just timed completely wrong (or they all have the same taste in vocals being timed WAY too early :stuck_out_tongue: ), I figured there must be something wrong.

The question is quite obvious, but still; Does anyone else have any idea what might be going wrong here or has anyone had the same experience? By the way, my settings in the audio mixdown window are as common as can be, and probably even the default cubase settings.

EDIT: Some extra information to get some stuff out of the way: this problem occurs on different systems, when I render in place, render in real time AND whenever I use different drivers.

Yes, I ran into that for the 2nd time today. After render in place hits dont line up anymore horizontally. No answer? Is there a better thread than this one?