Cubase Audio not working

Sometimes, rather frequently I will try and play a song within cubase and the play mode is working and scrolling passed the audio files however there are no movements in any of the editors. I have had this problem multiple times. Also I have an issue with my midi keyboard all of a sudden it stops receiving midi data. I have to close the entire program and restart again for it to work. Odd Behaviors. Any ideas?

Sounds a bit like drivers. Have you tried re-installing them? Any idea when this started? Could it have been an OS upgrade?

It seems to happen when I have Release driver in background ticked on

Windows 10
Cubase 8.5 Artist
I’m using a tascam us 4x4

Is everything ok when you don’t release the driver?

Seems to be. But that’s very odd

Have you updated your signature? I could have sworn it said Win 8.1 before…

Older drivers, especially on older OS’s, can be a little temperamental. I have an old Focusrite, which was ok on Win 7 but didn’t much like being hot-plugged, and things were even worse on Win10, until I did a clean reinstall, that is, after which it has been rock solid, hot-plugging and all. Best it’s ever been, in fact.

A clean reinstall might be worth the effort if you’re still running on an upgrade. In fact, scratch that. It’s definitely worth the effort…