Cubase Audio Sync to Beat HELP!

Ok, so I really need help with this, it has been driving me crazy! I try to do remixes but I can’t get the audio to sync with the beat. I am having a really difficult time with this. I have tried using tempo track but it won’t work. Please help! Thanks.


You can cut the audio up in pieces en put the samples in place, (audio follows tempo)
You could use Free warp in the sample editor, (audio follows tempo)
When there are little tempo issues, you could use Audio Quantize, (audio follows tempo)
Or when both the tempos are constant but different, you can use the “Sizing Applies Time Stretch” function of the “Object Selector” (audio follows tempo)
You could use time warp, so the audio will remain untouched (tempo follows audio), (then you can use “Set Definition From Tempo…” and the audio follows the tempo again)

And there will be other ways to manage it as well,