Cubase Audio Warp VS other DAW


I made videos of other DAWs performing audio warp.

I think there’s a problems with Cubase doing freeWarp so, I want to check what the competition have to say about that.
For this test, I used Logic X and Live 9
The quality is better if you donwload it. No audio in those videos.
I hope Windows user can open .mov file. I think Real Player can.

Here’s is Cubase video, made by lukasbrooklyn:

Live 9:

Live 9 Complex mode:

Logic X:

The NULL test.

I tried Live 9 with Beat, Complex and Complex Pro algorithm. Live 9 ONLY null with real-time Complex algorithm.
Doesn’t null when I bounce the file.

I tried Logic X with Slice, Rhythmic and Polyphonic Complex algo.
Logic X null with real-time and bounced when in Slice and Rhythmic mode.
I can hear little noise and sound with Polyphonic Complex, in real-time and bounced.
Logic X sound the same in realtime and bounced.

Thanks for sharing this.

I’m no expert, but my guess as to why the complex algorithms don’t match the realtime ones is because of the former being more involved in the process of time stretching in order to make the result sound better, whereas the realtime one is not as intricate, and thus the reason why it is more CPU friendly. This difference is most likely what you hear in the null test.

Having said that, Logic X seems to perform time stretching the best compared to the others, including Cubase.

on paper. sonically, most everyone hates the logic stretch algorithms.

Bounced a melodyne’d event today > heard it together with the original (to do another variation). Melodyne ‘live’ and Melodyne exported do not null as well.

Just an observation (more tuning than stretching)…