Cubase automation - how to lower volume of every event at the same time

I know there are already several posts about automation, but I am simple :wink:

I want to lower the volume of all events on 1 track; however, I can only do this when I stop reading automation. As soon as I click on Read Automation, the volume goes to back to where it was.

What can I do to decrease volume for all events on 1 track? I know there must be a Cubase video on this…

I was pondering this earlier as my wife asked me how to add volume automation to a track - one option would be to run the track through a group and then use the group fader as a volume trim.

Select all automation events on the volume automation lane and change their value.

Just as an aside, if you are talking about audio events, instead of automation you could also just use “event volume”, which imho ist usually much quicker to use. You just need to be aware that it changes the volume of the audio before going into the mixer channel as opposed to using volume fader automation (which is another plus as far as I am concerned …)

@robyn2020 if you mean changing the volume of a hot recording before you add automation then you can use the cubase channel EQ ‘pre’ volume which is on the eq below the low end section in red when opening the channel control.

You can use direct off line processing which has a gain control. I use that a lot.

Or change event volume, I’m not a fan of the event volume unless its just one event, its too fiddly for me.

if you mean changing the volume after the automation has been applied then an easy solution is to put a plugin with an output control on the track and turn the volume down in that plugin. I use DMG Track Control which is free and just a big volume control.

But you could also add a VCA fader as an alternative.

Any plugin with an output volume would do the trick though and its just easy.

Events can be broad term. Audio Event, MIDI event etc… But I suppose its audio events and the best approach if you want to lower volume of all events is simply select events and lower the volume from INFO panel (you have to enable that via “setup Window layout”) so no automation involved.
If you want to lower automation (depends of complexity of automation) you can select automation points holding SHIFT and selecting them (you can combine CTRL+SHIFT for invert selection) than from the same INFO panel you can lower “value” by simply hovering mouse on it and scroll down with the mouse and it will lower all selected points accordingly.

Hope it helps

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